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What is the Cost of the Track Day?

Category: Track Day Questions

The general track day cost for the day is $215.

Gear Rental:
Leather suit rental is $85 plus $100 refundable deposit for the day. Novice riders will be reimbursed the total cost of all gear rental (suit, boots, and gloves) after the event.

Motorcycle boots are $25 plus $100 deposit for the day.

Gloves are $15 for the day.

Motorcycle Rental:

Ninja 300 – $300 for the day
Ninja 400 – $355 for the day
Yamaha R6 – $455 for the day

Our New Track Rider School is included in the cost of a Novice group sign up.

Our private coaching sessions are $399 and includes the cost of the track day.

The FMRRA Race School is $345. The price includes the track day as well as the FMRRA license.

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