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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Motorcycle Track Day?

We like to say that in its simplest form, a track day is like a Sunday ride with friends but minus the speed limits, law enforcement, automobiles, road debris, and straight boring roads. What we do is bring the curviest Florida roads, experienced instructors and safety team, some basic structure and we make the best possible day of performance riding you will ever have.

My Order is Processing

A processing order means you are confirmed and you products / riding session is reserved. The order says processing as technically Florida Trackdays has not yet delivered on your experience. After the event the order will be closed.

Also, you should have received an email with your order confirmation.

Are Track Days for Me?

What we ask of new riders is that they have basic motorcycle operation skills. Graduates of the Florida MSF training course are perfect candidates for a track day. If you have the ability to safely ride with traffic on public roads at highway speeds you will be fine.

What Kind of Motorcycle Do I Need to Attend?

Any motorcycle that will go around a corner will make a perfect bike to attend. Of course we see the usual assortment of Honda CBR’s, Yamaha R6’s, and Ducati’s, but we also get BMW GS 1200’s, Suzuki Hayabusa’s, Kawasaki ZX-14’s, and Ducati Diavel’s. Kawasaki 300 Ninja’s make great track bikes as well.

What Kind of Motorcycle Preparation is Required?

A Roll of Duct Tape or Painters Tape will just about do it. Take a basic street bike and tape the headlights, taillights, turn signals, wheel weights, and either remove the mirrors or tape them. We also ask that you remove any ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) and replace with Water Wetter, Engine Ice or similar product. Your bike is now ready. Of course we are looking to make sure everything is in order such as tire condition, brakes working properly and basic upkeep of the motorcycle.

GoPro – we do not allow long selfie stick type attachments with GoPro’s. The camera must be mounted flush on the motorcycle.

What Kind of Personal Gear is Required?

  • Leather motorcycle riding suits – one piece or two piece. Two piece leather suits must have a full circumference zipper attaching the jacket and pants.
  • Sturdy over the ankle motorcycle boots.
  • Sturdy full leather gloves. No mesh gear please.
  • Full face motorcycle helmet manufactured within the last five years that is DOT, or ECE, or SNELL approved
  • Open face and modular helmets are NOT allowed

If you do not own a motorcycle cycle suit, we rent motorcycle suits, boots and gloves click here to reserve.

For novice riders, Florida Trackdays has initiated a first of it’s kind gear rental program. FTD is fully reimbursing the entire cost of leather suit rentals along with the boots and gloves when you sign up for the Novice group!

Reserve your gear online when registering for your track day and then after the track day FTD will reimburse the full rental amount plus any deposits.

It’s that simple!

Florida Trackdays has donated over $25,000 in gear rental since starting the novice gear rental program.

We also accept cash for suit rentals on the day of but we recommend reserving online to guarantee your size. We have a limited number of suits in each size so don’t delay in reserving your suit.

Is a Driver's License or Racing License Required?

No racing license, driver’s license or motorcycle endorsement of any kind is required to attend a track day.

Can I Just Show Up and Ride?

Yes it is possible to just show up and ride. But we HIGHLY recommend pre-registering ahead of the event date. We limit the amount of riders in each group and often sell out. If you show up without saving a spot you may have to wait for an opening in order to ride.

How Does It Work? Is This a Motorcycle School? Is This An Open Track?

We are a hybrid of open track time and motorcycle school.

We have three main groups Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Each group rides 20 minute sessions in rotation each hour all day (20 minutes may not seem like much on paper but trust us you will be happy to see the checkered flag at the end of each session).

Within those groups we have three motorcycle schools happening consecutively – the New Rider School (NRS), private coaching sessions, and our FMRRA Race School.

Members who sign up for the Novice group are automatically entered in the New Rider School for no extra cost.

Our private coaching sessions and Race School are available for an extra cost and are very limited in the amount of riders that can enter to ensure a great instructor / student ratio.

What Track Day Riding Group Should I Sign Up For?

Regardless of the amount of street riding experience each new track rider should sign up for our Novice group.

Riders with prior track experience may sign up for their regular riding group. For intermediate level riders with motorcycle with larger cc engines sign up for Intermediate MAX and lower engine cc motorcycles (ex Ninja 400) sign up for Intermediate LITE.

Riders may be moved to different riding groups depending upon their skill level.

What Time Should I Arrive?

Unless otherwise specified the gates open at 7:00am.

We would recommend getting to the track as early as possible in order to get unloaded, checked into registration, get your bike(s) tech’d and to attend the mandatory rider’s meeting at 8:15am.

Do I Need to Bring a Tent or a Generator?

No tent or generator is required at Homestead Miami Speedway as we have full use of the garages and free electricity.

We recommend bringing a tent to Palm Beach International Speedway and JenningsGP. If you plan on using tire warmers we also recommend bringing a generator as well.

Is there Food Available at the Track?

We always recommend bringing food and drinks with you.

Palm Beach International Raceway and Homestead Miami Speedway have food trucks onsite.

Do I Need Special Race Tires or Tire Warmers?

For novice level track riders DOT race tires and race slicks are not needed for track riding. Today’s performance street tires are more than capable for knee dragging fun for those initial track days. Tire warmers are not needed for today’s performance street tire.

Once riders start to move up to Intermediate and Advance level groups they should start looking at a dedicated track tire.

What is the Cost of the track day?

The general track day cost for the day is $240.

Gear Rental:
Leather suit rental is $85 plus $100 refundable deposit for the day. Novice riders will be reimbursed the total cost of all gear rental (suit, boots, and gloves) after the event.

Motorcycle boots are $25 plus $100 deposit for the day.

Gloves are $15 for the day.

Motorcycle Rental:

Ninja 300 – $300 for the day
Ninja 400 – $355 for the day
Suzuki SV650 – $400 for the day
Yamaha R6 – $455 for the day

Our New Track Rider School is included in the cost of a Novice group sign up.

Click here to get started!

Can I Bring More Than One Motorcycle?

We charge by the human so bring your entire collection to ride for no extra cost.

Do You Rent Motorcycles?

Yes, we currently rent Kawasaki Ninja 300’s and the Ninja 400. The Suzuki SV 650 and the Yamaha YZF-R6.

All the motorcycles are delivered to the track ready to ride.

To reserve your motorcycle click here to get started!

Does Florida Trackdays Cancel Due to Rain Forecasts?

Due to South Florida’s geographical location and sub-tropical climate, there is a chance of a rain shower at some point in South Florida on most days of the year. So FTD never cancels events because of a rain forecast. FTD has postponed events due to hurricane’s, tropical storms and other potential dangerous activity. During those events, all riders would be notified of any cancellation by Friday afternoon at the latest. Feel free to visit our¬†and view video and photos from one of our 100% chance of rain events.

Is There Tire Service Available at the Track?

Yes, motorcycle tire service is available at all Florida Trackday events. is available trackside with Dunlop N-TEC slicks, and Dunlop Q5 / Q5s tires.

If you purchase the tires at the track mounting and balancing is FREE!

How Does the Free Leather Suit Rentals Work?

Florida Trackdays offers a free leather suit program for the Novice group riders based upon reimbursement. In order to participate, you must reserve the suit, boots, and or gloves (all are eligible) on the website along with your Novice riding group. You will receive an email confirmation when you complete the order. The day after the event, Florida Trackdays will refund any cost associated with the rental gear if you are registered as a novice. Intermediate and advance riding groups will receive the deposit portion of the rental as long as the gear is returned without damage.

Can I Register Separately for the Track Day and the Gear Rental

You do not need to reserve your gear and your riding spot on the same order in order to take advantage of the free gear rental program.

We will associate any gear rental reservation with the riding group reservation after the event.

We do recommend not to wait too long to reserve your gear as we do have limited amounts of gear in each size.