We’re Making Racing Great Again.

Welcome to the next level in Florida Motorcycle Racing!

Roadracing School is designed for riders looking to step it up to the next level, we have added a FMRRA (Florida Motorcycle Road Race Association) racing school.

FMRRA Florida Motorcycle Road Racing Series is the most advanced series in the country!

You can check out the website at FMRRA (Florida Motorcycle Road Race Association)

Our goal is to bring the excitement to Florida motorcycle racing that we feel it deserves.

The FMRRA school cost is $125.00 (plus track day) and that INCLUDES the cost of the race license (essentially it’s free).

2019 will be an exciting time for Motorcycle Racing in Florida!

FMRRA has brought Florida motorcycle racing back by working with the racing community to build a proper race series.

Why race with FMRRA:
  • Grid position based upon qualifying
  • Reduced racing costs
  • Simplified race classes
  • Ease of entry to racing
  • New racing groups
  • Proper social media coverage
  • Team Championship
  • Master’s Championship
  • Beach Party’s
  • The most advanced website in the county
  • More racer stats!
  • TrackMic – the virtual track notification system
  • And much more!
  • Motorcycle Preparation & Setup
  • Passing Tech Inspections on Race Day
  • Track Facts, Safety, Flags, Signals, etc.
  • How to be Smooth, Fast and Consistent
  • Braking and Cornering Strategies
  • Learn how to get on Gas
  • Nailing the Start
  • Race Strategy
  • Winning Attitude