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Florida Trackdays' acclaimed Novice Rider School (NRS) is our introductory program geared toward new track riders.

Motorcycle riders signing up for our Novice riding group are automatically entered into the New Rider School without any extra cost. We recommend ALL new track riders sign up for our novice group and New Rider Motorcycle School regardless of street riding experience.

Our New Rider School is aimed at the general street rider who have received their motorcycle endorsement but is looking to increase their personal riding skill and in a safe environment learn the capabilities of their motorcycle.

We give riders the building blocks to improve their riding skills.

Increased braking skill
Optimal body position
Throttle control

Maximum track time and classroom instruction combined with personal coaching from our instructors guarantee a great learning experience. We break down the steps to increase your speed and skill in an easy to understand format that progresses throughout the day.

Aside from possibly having the most exhilarating day of your life, you will also go home with skills that directly affect your street riding:

Greater Survivability
Increased Skills in Panic Situations
Lower Insurance Rates
An Increased Appreciation of Speed and Its' Effects on a Motorcycle

We guarantee that you will learn more in one day with us compared to months or even years of riding on the street.

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