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How Does It Work? Is This a Motorcycle School? Is This An Open Track?

Category: Track Day Questions

We are a hybrid of open track time and motorcycle school.

We have three main groups Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Each group rides 20 minute sessions in rotation each hour all day (20 minutes may not seem like much on paper but trust us you will be happy to see the checkered flag at the end of each session).

Within those groups we have three motorcycle schools happening consecutively – the New Rider School (NRS), the Advanced Rider School (ARS), and our FMRRA Race School.

Members who sign up for the Novice group are automatically entered in the New Rider School for no extra cost.

Our ARS and Race School are available for an extra cost and are very limited in the amount of riders that can enter to ensure a great instructor / student ratio.

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