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Florida Trackdays' Advanced Rider School
(ARS) is geared toward motorcycle riders who have completed the Novice Rider School and have moved on from the Novice Group to the Intermediate and Advance Groups and have begun to increase their skills but are looking for dedicated one on one attention to make the next step.

The school will focus on one level of riders per track day and alternate between dates. An example would be a focus on Intermediates for one track day and then advance level riders for another date.

Our Advanced Rider School is lead by Expert Racer Sean Dwyer. Sean is a CCS four-time national champion, winner of numerous CCS class championships and former overall 1# plate holder. Most recently Sean was invited and raced in the famous Macau GP held in China.

Using tools such as track-side video analysis the Advanced Rider School takes the fundamental skills that riders have begun to build as their foundation and helps to move them to the next level. We are adding more building block skills to give riders the ability to be more precise, more fluid, and have better control on the track.