Track Day Motorcycle Preparation


All glass, headlights, turn signals, and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed. You can use painters tape, duct tape, etc. Remove your mirrors or tape over them as there is no need to look behind you.

Tip - unplug your headlights if using duct tape as it can get sticky.

Remove your license plate. Passenger foot pegs zip-tied in the up position or removed.


Tires should have at least 75% of their tread. If they look questionable replace them. The tires are keeping you upright, why take the chance? Please tape all wheel weights.


Intermediate and Advance level riders remove antifreeze and replace with distilled water / water wetter or non-ethyl glycol based anti-freeze/coolant (Evans, Engine Ice, etc). This is optional for Novice riders.

Personal Gear


Undamaged, full-face DOT, SNELL, or European standard approved. No flip-up helmets allowed.

Riding Gear

Leather riding suits. One or two piece.

Two piece leather suits must zip together, Full circumference is required.

No mesh type gear allowed in any class.


Sturdy over-the-ankle leather boots


Leather gauntlet-type gloves


Waiver form - download

Registration confirmation (if preregistered)

Photo ID


Back protector / chest protector

Mouth Guard

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